Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PEMODA 13th Anniversary To Be Held On 28th March 2009

Kiulap 17 March 2009 - Darussalam Motorcycle Association (PEMODA) will hold its 13 year anniversary celebration on Saturday 28th March 2009. The event will be held at the Jeruton hotel in Jerudong.

In a surprised announcement made by the Deputy President of PEMODA, Pg Hj Rezduan bin Hj Ahmad during the second PEMODA EXCO committee meeting, the 13 year anniversary celebration was amongst the top priority event in the new focus of events scheduled for PEMODA.

He said that the anniversary celebration is for PEMODA members to celebrate one of the oldest motorbike association in BORNEO. For 13 years PEMODA has made a name for itself not only in Brunei Darussalam but also in the region, BORNEO specifically.

The anniversary celebration will also pay tribute to the pioneers / founders of the association where they envisioned an association where bike enthusiasts will be able to join and be proud of.

For 13 years PEMODA has been involved in national events and has been promoting Brunei Darussalam indirect result to the many tours outside Brunei, that has been conducted over the years.

PEMODA has evolved from a handful of bike enthusiasts to now over 500 member strong association. It is time that PEMODA members to come together and celebrate the pioneers for their vision and celebrate PEMODA’s success with them.

The success of PEMODA as an association is largely due to its members, for without their support and encouragement the association will never have made it through its first year. Hence during the celebration members are asked to wear shirts bearing the PEMODA logo only.

Meanwhile during the PEMODA EXCO meeting a new focus of event was discussed and endorsed by the EXCO committee where each month there will be an event organised for PEMODA’s members. These events will be a mixture of events from, charity work, religious and sports activities where it aims not only to foster a closer relation between members but also forge a closer relation between the association and the community at large.

PEMODA President Hj Maidin bin Momin said that the events organised for PEMODA members are hoped to open up a new chapter in PEMODA, where bike enthusiasts in particular PEMODA members are able to enjoy the full advantages of being in an association that not only cares for its own members but also the welfare of the community at large.

He had also said that the 13 year anniversary will give a good opportunity to update PEMODA’s data base on existing members and to touch base with members who has been out of touch with PEMODA.

During the 2nd PEMODA EXCO meeting the President of PEMODA also took the opportunity to present letters of appointment to the 8 Executive Committee Members of PEMODA and the 6 District Working Committee.
Where he urged the committee members to do their best for the association, and as committee members they should set themselves as an example to other members where they have to conduct themselves in the most respectable manners.

For more information on the events email pemoda@gmail.com.

Sources: www.bruneibikers.blogspot.com

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