Sunday, October 19, 2008

2009 V-Rod Muscle

The Muscle combines a new air-box cover (where you would traditionally find the gas tank) that is broad and angular to give this V-Rod a totally different attitude. A new tail section has a minimalist design with a paper-thin LED tail lamp. The rear tire is a massive 240mm wide. The license plate is mounted to the side in order to keep the rear of the bike clean and custom looking.

The front of the V-Rod Muscle also has new design elements, including a new fender and LED turn signals integrated into the mirror stems. The wheels are also a new design for 2009.

Ergonomics on the Muscle differ from other V-Rods with a new seat, forward foot controls and a new handlebar. The dual exhaust balances the machine, and adds to the hot rod look.

When we rode the Muscle, we were reminded of the brilliance of the 1250cc Revolution v-twin, which has one of the broadest, sweetest powerbands found on any cruiser. On the Muscle, it is tuned to produce 125 horsepower and 85 foot/pounds of torque. Several journalists dipped into the 11 second range drag racing the Muscle at the press intro.

Given its outrageous styling, the V-Rod Muscle handles predictably, if not nimbly. The new V-Rod Muscle is available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Dark Blue Denim and Ret Hot Sunglo


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