Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bridgestone BT-016

BT-016 new sport tire designed to maximize the performance of sport bikes on the road today.
• Opportunity for every rider to enjoy Bridgestone’s MotoGP technology.
• Advanced multi-compound technology applied to both front and rear tires offers riders the performance they demand in every riding mode.
• Designed for passionate riders who enjoy cornering with deep lean angles, the newly developed edge compound of the rear tire offers great line-holding performance that feels like riding on rails.
PROGRESSIVE GRIP PERFORMANCENew multi-compound technology from MotoGP named “3LC” (Dual Compound) for the front and “5LC” (Triple Compound) for the rear, delivers grip performance demanded in every aspect — braking, maximum side grip in cornering, and strong traction out of corners.
PERFORMANCE HANDLING3LC/5LC technology along with new tread patterns, optimal profiles and constructions provide linear and high performance handling for a wide range of sport bikes.
SURE CONTACT FEELNewly designed BT-016 is quality engineered for rich feedbackand secure contact feel in all conditions.
STABILITY (high and low speed)Steel (MS•Belt) construction applied to front and rear tires absorbs sudden impact from bumps and offers high stability and tremendous line-holding in corners.MILEAGE3LC/5LC provides consistent wear, while optimized pattern design provides longer wear life than our previous sport tire (BT-014) in any riding mode.

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